Millennium New Horizons is our latest fund designed to invest in advanced technologies that we believe will generate significant enterprise value, such as AI, machine learning, autonomous driving, drones and robotics.

All-electric self-driving shuttles for public transportation.
Fast, quiet, and affordable air taxi service built on all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts. In February 2021 Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) and Mark Pincus (founder of Zynga) acquired Joby to take it public.
Autonomous trucking company based in US and China.
No-code application platform for faster and cheaper software development.
Deep learning based cybersecurity platform for malware prevention.
Acquired by Procore in 2021
Productivity tracking and safety monitoring of construction sites using computer vision.
AI platform for energy, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and security.
Acquired by SecureAuth in 2021
Machine learning based identity authentication platform.
Acquired by Unity in 2022
Powering the next wave of AAA game assets by merging the quality of Hollywood's simulated characters with the speed and interactivity of the leading game engines.
Computer vision for L1-L4 self-driving and ADAS technologies.
AI built to understand clinical data at human-level accuracy.
No-code, computer vision based software testing platform.
Patient analytics and intelligence platform for healthcare providers.
"Emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning are rapidly transforming every industry. Millennium New Horizons focuses on investing in the best companies and teams that are shaping the future of work, business, life and how technologies get developed."

Ray Cheng, Partner

Our Advisors

Pavan Arora, CTO at Cerberus

Ex-Chief Data Officer at IBM Watson

Tracy Chadwell, Founding Partner of 1843 Capital

Ex-Partner at Baker Capital

Michael Chasen, Founder & CEO,

Founder & CEO of Blackboard

Yoon Kim, Partner at Saehan Venture Capital

CTO at SK Telecom, Chief Developer at Apple Siri

Alex Rosemblat, CMO at DataDog

Steven Hong, VP/GM at Ambarella

CEO / Co-Founder at Oculii

Marc Fleischmann, Cloud CTO at VMWare

Founder & CEO of Datera

Mark Wassersug, ex-COO & CIO, ICE